Support Our Local Farms!!

Roving Radish

The Roving Radish is a Howard County program to promote healthy farm-to-table eating habits in our community, while creating sustainable markets for our local and regional farms and connecting our community.


The Roving Radish sells affordable, healthy meal kits sourced from local and regional farms. Each meal kit includes two recipes and all of the ingredients needed to prepare two dinners for a family of four. Produce is chopped and prepared as much as possible and spices are measured out, saving you time and making the meals easy to prepare.


The goals of the Roving Radish include:

  1. Promote healthy farm-to-table eating habits
  2. Support local farms
  3. Connecting our community


The Roving Radish runs from May to November. Standard meal kits are $32 and subsidized meal kits are $16. To qualify for a subsidized meal kit, visit the website to learn more. The Roving Radish also now offers vegetarian meal kits as well!



Howard County’s Roving Radish is now delivering farm-fresh produce right to local restaurants!


The buy local movement is here to stay! Increasingly, customers want to order fresh, local produce and proteins. In order to help make this possible, the Roving Radish delivers local farm products to local restaurants.


Participating restaurants:



Visit their website to learn more or to order your very own meal kit!


Questions? Contact James Zoller of the Roving Radish at (410) 992-2049 or via email at