Support Our Local Farms!!

Farm City

Howard County’s Farm-City Celebration is here! Farm-City aims to provide opportunities for interaction between urban citizens and farmers in Howard County. This celebration highlights our farm-city interdependence and promotes understanding and appreciation between people on either side of the imaginary boundary separating town from country.

Farm-City Celebration provides 16 days of fun-filled activities to help bridge the gap between city and farm life.  From September 23rd – October 8th, come out to visit local farms, public libraries, and farmers markets to enjoy family friendly activities and food from the Howard County farming community. This event is held by the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) across Howard County.

Fall is the perfect time to celebrate Howard County’s rich agricultural heritage and to promote the mutual benefits farmers and their “city cousins” share. This is a great opportunity to appreciate the contributions our farms make to the quality of life for all Howard County residents. Howard County farms are opening their doors to visitors and holding Fall Harvest Festivals.

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